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And it's even harder bringing these issues up because everyone in these meetings has to pretend to be utterly dumfounded by the idea that humans may do things in private that they don't want shared with the world. At times it was hard to tell if they were being willfully oblivious and condescending or simply fucking with me.#4. Patents Keep the Coolest Innovations Off Your MachineLional Bonaventure / AFP / Getty If you browse headlines at tech sites these days you'll hear a lot about patents wholesale nike shoes, specifically "patent trolls." It's hard to understand sometimes how this impacts you the customer so let me give you an example:In 1999 Amazon attained the patent for single-click purchase. Yep nike shoes, just that general concept which really every retailer should have. It would be like if Nike decided to patent the way we all tie our shoelaces so that suddenly everyone has to either send Nike a check every morning or learn another way to tie their shoes.

"Oh. Well since you're already here do you mind if I keep frying your balls for a bit?"So instead of the stereotypical Bond villain who makes the mistake of keeping Bond alive too long here's a bad guy who nearly makes the mistake of killing Bond too soon. They weren't kidding about that total reboot thing.#3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -- Mola Ram Tries to Get Back the Magic Stones (by Flooding Everything)The Scheme:Mola Ram is the high priest of the Thuggee cult a bunch of Indian dudes who hope to rule the world by gathering five lost magical stones. Mola already had three of these stones in his possession but then that pesky Indiana Jones and his sidekicksstole them and jumped into a mining cart escaping into a Donkey Kong Country level. Mola sends some henchmen into the tunnels to kill Indy and retrieve the stones so that he can finally reshape the world in his ugly image.

If you read only the headlines in the days before and immediately after the launch of the iPad and the iPhone 4 wholesale nike shoes, that's the story you got. It might still be what your brain pulls out of the filing cabinet when you hear either mentioned. Well it turns out that both products did all right for themselves. And by all right we mean that they were the most successful products in the history of Apple. They beat the shit out of the iPod and the original iPhone.The real problem was something that social scientists borrowing a phrase from movie theater racism call the loud minority. The idea is that a small group's niche point of view is overrepresented simply because that's the group that's more likely to share it. In the case of the iPad the loud minority were tech bloggers -- people who write and think about cutting-edge technology. The problem is that the more they know about technology the less they're like most Americans.

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